D.P. Webster releases eclectic experimental electronica – Alpha B3ats

D.P. Webster - Alpha B3ats
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David Webster has created an album of eclectic beats, ambient excursions and synth oddities. It’s a 9-track album called Alpha Beats, and is available from Spotify, Soundcloud, and all good streaming services.

He’s originally from Hesperia, a town in Southern California, and now resident in Los Angeles. When he’s not making music, David is a nurse, a career he chose to allow him some space in his life to allow him to pursue his desire to make music

Falling Vulture is the opener for the album, with simple synth parts to open accompanied by voice and textural samples. It’s improvisational in approach and certainly sets the tone for what’s to follow…

Alpha B3ats was originally concieved as a series of tracks for rappers / poets to do their thing with, but as David says, they took on a life of their own. These tracks are certainly not 16-bar cycles, here’s ‘Armpits of Orion’, which evolves and develops and transforms as it meanders its way though…

Lil’ Pup explores dub rhythms and experimental sount textures, with a solid bassline holding everything together, like a lot of the album, there’s a focus on exploring sounds and textures, rather than utilising traditional structures to hold things together. It reminds me a little of The Orb…

So if abstract hip-hop beats, dub grooves & ambient textures are your thing, go check out the whole album…

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