Dogs versus Shadows – Bombing Middle England

Dogs versus Shadows - Bombing Middle England
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Recently released on Subexotic Records, Bombing Middle England is the third album released by Lee Pylon. Some of you may know Lee as the presenter of the excellent electronic music radio show Kites and Pylons, which we’ve featured previously.

Dogs versus Shadows is a largely improvised album, inspired by the artist Banksy, and the dystopian, urban decay that features through his work. Indeed, the track titles of Bombing Middle England take their name from works of art by Banksy.

Musically, Bombing Middle England is an amalgamation of mangled beats, field recordings and modular synth noodlings, with plenty of twists and turns to maintain interest and keep you coming back for more…

Here’s Spy Booth, a great track with noises and sparse melodic fragments over a simple repetitive rhythm…

Civilian Drone Strike is an ambient track, very haunting, with modular synth sounds over a wash of sound. This gives way to chaos later…

My favourite track of the album is Bomb Hugger. It’s simple, yet beautiful ambiance creates an engaging, melancholic atmosphere…

Bombing Middle England is released as a limited edition cassette, with an accompanying custom screen printed tea towel. There’s only 30 available and still available at the time of writing, but you may have to be quick! Order at Bandcamp.

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