Diffract Records release Trip Hop & Abstract Hip Hop Compilation ‘Rhuba’…

Rhuba - Diffract Records Compilation
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Diffract Records is a Switzerland-based independent record label formed in 2017 by Eddie Allamand. They’ve just released ‘Rhuba’, a 17-track compilation of mostly unreleased tracks from Switzerland, France, Holland, Greece, the UK and USA.

It’s a great collection of trip hop and abstract hip hop grooves that’s reminiscent of classic releases from DJ Krush, Coldcut and DJ Shadow. I can recommend you listen to the whole thing and immerse yourself in a world of jazzy breakbeats, movie samples, abstract atmospheres, and funky grooves.

Here’s Low Models, from Eddie A. It’s a low, grumbling, moody affair. Downtempo with swinging percussion and eventually a minimal kick to keep pace. This opens up into a lazy hip hop groove adding substance to the mix. It breaks down into an abstract haze, with some subtle percussion keeping the pace alongside a slimmed-down drum reprise…

The Falling Tree by UK based Ian Simmonds starts off with a latin flavour, with low-slung double bass grooves and cuban percussion before introducing abstract orchestral samples and melodic phrases that progress in a darkier, sinister direction. This is later complemented by piano and development of the bass creating a intriguing jazz-infused sound collage…

Viridian is the third track on the compilation, by Swiss producer idle. If your a fan of classic Ninja Tune then this is for you. Starting with a vocal sample it quickly introduces piano samples and other effects held together with some well-selected drum breaks, filtered in places to add movement and dynamics. Later vocal samples are introduced with panning drum effects to add excitement. Halfway though it explores alternative grooves whilst still utilising the piano to underpin the variations that ensue…

Subway is the fifth track on the compilation, by UK producer Hashfinger. This one’s very lazy sounding, opening with a clarinet sample, before introducing a simple drum pattern, pushed along by a bass that anticipates and dictates the groove. Vocal samples and a wonderful woodwind melody contribute to a melodic chorus…

Rhuba is available on limited edition double vinyl from the Diffract Records Bandcamp store, also available as a digital download. Here’s the album tracklisting…

  1. Nectvr – Gettin’ Loose
  2. Mononome – Of Past And Present
  3. idle – Viridian
  4. Dirty Art Club – Infinite Drift
  5. Hashfinger – Subway
  6. Nym – Subnatural
  7. Costals – Scarabée Égyptien
  8. Ian Simmonds – The Falling Tree
  9. ON OFF – Coït 19 (Dub)
  10. Eddie A – Low Models
  11. Howie B ft. Squint – I’ve got Coffee down to a Tea 12. George Profond – Space Crime
  12. Estebahn – Launch Loop
  13. Sam Maru – teLf
  14. DeeB – Blessed Rock
  15. il:lo – Ela
  16. Dser – Oort Cloud
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