Dietevil releases Pause, a musical response to quarantine in NYC

Dietevil - Pause
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Dietevil is an independent artist, electronic music producer, and engineer based in New York City. His production sways towards exploring foley and naturally designed sound effects.

His debut EP, Timeout spawned from the knawing, ambient anxiety of quarantine, and the pandemic. Sonically, it takes a trip into his personal journey during early quarantine while exploring the concept and our perception of time. Here’s a few words from the artist describing his thoughts…

Each track ebbs and flows between reality and ‘the sunken place’ – that place you visit, sometimes involuntarily, where it feels as though you have sunken inside of yourself and the world is carrying on without you. Or maybe you’re dreaming…are you even awake?


Woozy would be a good word to describe this release. It’s laid back, chilled, and flows wonderfully. Alongside this there’s panning, speed changes and movements within the mix that keep things firmly off-kilter.

Pause is a direct reference to NY Governor Cuomo’s executive “New York State on PAUSE” order. According to Dietevil, this track is all about taking an unscheduled and unrequested timeout. Quarantine and lockdown took hold on him and inspired him to explore the concept of time and our perception of the ways in which we pass through it, or perhaps, how it passes through us…

Balcony Bath has a lovely into of vinyl sounds, reverbed piano and reverse effects that lead into a mellow hip hop groove. Later we hear vocal fragments and a drop into a brighter space. It’s got a way of changing it’s texture so as to keep the listener engaged, without harmonically moving away from it’s initial groove…

You can listen to Timeout on Soundcloud. It’s also available on Spotify. Dietevil is also available to follow on Instagram.

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