Demon Flex Council utilises AI-generated MIDI to produce Distant Sun

Demon Flex Council - Distant Sun
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Demon Flex Council is an electronic musician and programmer living in Los Angeles. Prior to releasing his Distant Sun EP he released a remix of Grimes’ “You’ll Miss Me When I’m Not Around”. This track was interesting as it incorporated AI composition methods at the MIDI and audio levels. He documented the process in creating the remix here.

He’s now taken things a step further with his new EP. Distant Sun is a track which uses AI-generated MIDI from Google’s Magenta Studio. It was performed live in the studio with Ableton and the LPD8 MIDI controller.

What is Magenta?

Magenta is an open-source project which allows machine learning to be utilised to create music and visual art. It’s available as a library to use with the programming language Python, or in online applications using JavaScript.

There are a number of projects which utilise Magenta:

Magenta Studio – A collection of plugins that can be used as a generative tool within Ableton Live. They are also available as standalone applications.

MusicVAE – A tool that can blend two musical ideas together to generate new musical material.

NSynth: Neural Audio Synthesis – A synthesis technique which uses ‘deep neural networks to generate sounds at the level of individual samples’. There’s also a project to create user interfaces for NSynth projects in the form of the NSynth Super.

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