Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Machine Blossoms

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Machine Blossoms is the latest release from Dark Fidelity Hi Fi and completes a trilogy of albums, following on from Found (2019) and Gentle Static Flow (2018). These previous albums, created by Rick Jones, explored IDM, trip-hop and ambient, with a definite 90’s influence and sensibility.

The machine certainly does blossom on this release. It’s a wonderful juxtaposition of ambient sounds and effect, synth washes, vocal samples and effect, glitching breakbeats, and tribal drums. There’s some real depth to these tracks and the listener is rewarded by repeated listening…

The first track, Static Cuts Water is a great introduction to the album, with great synth sounds and beats, and reminds me somewhat of another Manchester band, Future Sound of London…

Insect Climber is a highlight from the album, with glitching percussion loops being accompanied by pulsing synthesiser and high-pitched, almost piercing strings…

Machine Blossoms was produced by Rick Jones with Belial Pelegrim, Paul Coughlan and Hanna Moore featuring as guest musicians. The artwork, (which complements the music perfectly) is by Belial Pelegrim.

The album is released through Bricolage, an underground electronic music label based in Glasgow. It’s the 56th release from the label so there’s plenty more to check out. You won’t go wrong if you visit their Bandcamp page and check out some other releases.

Machine Blossoms is available as both a digital album and a limited edition CD from Bandcamp.


Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Soundcloud | Facebook | Spotify
Bricolage – Soundcloud | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

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