Crosswhen create a spatial audio experience with EP // 2020

Crosswhen EP 2020
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Crosswhen is an independent experimental electronic music and audio//visual project based in London. They’ve just released an EP, called EP // 2020, an immersive listening experience, a spatial audio production encoded using binaural techniques to produce a warm, wonderful sonic experience.

The EP is a 5 track release best listened to on headphones to truly get the immersive soundscape intended by Crosswhen. It has been meticulously recorded and mixed to create a simulation of a 360 degree sound field within standard stereo headphones. It’s probably best described by Crosswhen…

Binaural stereo could be defined as the basic and more easily accessible of all spatial audio formats, as it just uses the standard Left and Right channel of stereo (Tech note: Our EP is a down mix from a 16 channels Third order ambisonic project) so it could be potentially streamed on any digital platform, with the addition of all spatial information and movements in the sound field that any standard stereo mix lacks.

All our ambiences and acoustic spaces are recorded with A-format Ambisonic microphones.

When listening to standard stereo, especially on headphones, we suffer from a physical process called Inside-the-head Locatedness (IHL), meaning that the soundstage will always collapse in-between our two ears.

Today is finally possible to experience a full 360degree sound field, with real depth and feeling of space, all within your headphones.

Musically it’s a mix of ambient soundscapes, synthy goodness and post rock workouts. Here’s Mono no Aware, which incorporates all of these elements…

False Vacuum combines live drums and sax with a monster bassline and synth riff to create an epic soundscape to immerse your ears in…

To get the best experience I recommend you get it from Bandcamp (it’s name your price), download as high quality audio, put on your best headphones, and bathe yourself in binaural beats…

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