Croatian Amor – All In The Same Breath

Croation Amor - All In The Same Breath
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All In The Same Breath is the latest release from Croatian Amor (aka Loke Rahbek), an experimental Danish artist who primarily releases music through Posh Isolation, a label he founded with Christian Stadsgaard in 2009.

It’s a wonderful release and one that gets better with repeated listening. It contains a fine balance of beats, melody and ambient textures that sit well together as an album. It’s a wonderful combination of brooding electronica, with pulsating beats and rhythms.

New Morning is the opening track and veers from sound collage to simple melodic fragments, simple harmonies on strings and organ give sense to the abstract swirls of sound that populate the atmosphere.

Yoyogi Park adds a pulse to proceedings, lo-fi pulsing kick drums give way to filtered loops, chords and manipulated vocal textures. Complete with some saxophone and maybe even a baby crying in the mix it’s an interesting juxtaposition of sound.

Things step up a gear with Young, with some 2-step / dubstep kind of grooves, and a sparser texture. The beats give way in an ambient interlude before being gracefully reintroduced as the track reaches its conclusion.

After A Name For Afternoon, which is a almost an ambient interlude we come to Jonathan, a simple downtempo groove with plucked string melodies over a mellow synthy, flute kind of texture, it’s melodies feel improvisational in nature and work well over the rest of the track.

No End To New Moments is a short track, and in two parts, with ambient and sound fragments giving way to piano textures. A piano lid closes proceedings.

Fires In The Dark is back to beats. Vocal fragments and synth textures are over laid with broken drum loops that drive things forward. It’s chaotic yet not too busy, with a little glitchiness thrown in to add some spice.

All In The Same Breath is a wonderful assembly of manipulated vocals, processed string arpeggios, and ambient undercurrents. It’s only 2:14 long but works.

Same Light Reflects has some great synth/organ chords overlaid onto bass drum patterns and rhythmic loops that give way before some vocal stabs add some extra excitement to the track. Synth chords rhythmically carry the track to a conclusion.

The River That Flows In You Also Flows In Me is the last track, and the longest, at 6 and a half minutes. It begins with what sounds like ambient, processed piano melodies, descending into crackles, noise, and then synthesiser pads and rhythmic undercurrents. Processed guitar melodies and synthesiser tones add tension and interest to this finale.

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