Confessor – Hold

Hold by Confessor
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Confessor, also known as Joachim-Titien Schildknecht, is an ambient music composer who works from his studio in Strasbourg, France.

Hold is his latest release, created over the last few months, and is very much a release designed to help you relax. It’s a wonderful, drifting collection of tracks to help soothe your soul in what has been for all of us I’m sure a testing year so far.

As Joachim himself says – “”Music is an emotional outlet to me, and this album makes no exception. “Hold” is basically a diary of these last months, an introspective wander which I hope you will enjoy. May it help you relax and drift into your inner landscapes.” -J-TS

Hold is release on the Healing Sound Propagandist Label, a subsidiary of Past Inside The Present. You can listen to and purchase Hold via Bandcamp…

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