Tamu Massif - Heathen

Tamu Massif – Heathen

Tamu Massif manages to straddle the boundaries between electronica and singer-songwriter / folk music with a wonderful production that shows off both songwriting and production skills. Although pop and hip-hop influences can be seen in his layered vocals and beats, his writing bridges the musical chasm between folk and R&B with ambient textures adding emotive …

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Varsity Star - Ball

Varsity Star – Ball

I like it when music makes me smile. Varsity Star achieves this with Ball, a track released a month ago on Star Player Sporting Goods. It’s very much in the vein of Aphex Twin, who’s quite partial to songs featuring bouncing balls himself. Varsity Star’s approach is easier on the ear though. Varsity Star · …

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Tobacco - Jinmenken

Tobacco – Jinmenken

Downcast and woozy are words that have been used to describe this track, and it’s an apt description. Created by Tobacco, aka Thomas Fec, an electronic musician from Allegheny County, Pennsylvania, it’s a downbeat pop song(?) with a melody that is simple yet infectious. Jinmenken is taken from the forthcoming album Hot Wet & Sassy, …

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Bastian Benjamin - Concrete

Bastian Benjamin – Concrete

Basten Benjamin is a producer from Deventer in the Netherlands. He’s been producing since he was knee high to a grasshopper, and has just anounced this cracking new single release, Concrete. Using bass lines and harsh electronic sounds, Bastian Benjamin provides his own social commentary on the world, encouraging listeners to refrain from becoming too, …

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egopusher - elenor

Egopusher – Elenor

Citing Moderat, Rival Consoles, and Jon Hopkins as influences, Egopusher is the work of drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig. An interesting combination for an experimental music outfit. Here’s a little background to how the group came about… The project started as a string of late night conversations which took place in Tobias’ vintage …

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Esches – Levitate Us

Sometimes simplicity is key. Here we have a lush track from US / German songwriter Esches. Production wise this is stripped right back to minimal bass, a little percussion and minimal synth noodlings. The rest is vocals, with sublime backing vocals and effects that lift the track in a wonderful soulful direction… ESCHES · Levitate …

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