synekdok - maybe i should buy something

Maybe you should buy the new single from synekdok? [premiere]

We’re delighted to premiere the new single from Swedish artist synekdok, called “maybe i should buy something”. This track explores the ugly parts of capitalism, with the track featuring the inner dialogue of a consumer, hoping desperately to solve their emotional turmoil through buying things. It’s a very uncomfortable truth, and something we’d prefer to …

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Gold Plates

Gold Plates releases Royal Blood II: Damages, released on Kuwaiti label Kalibr+

Gold Plates is the pseudonym of Sudanese electronic artist Mohamed Abnaof, who’s now based in Kuwait, where he produces his own brand of energetic, eclectic, and aggressive, beat-driven electronic music. He’s just released an album via Kuwaiti based electronic music label Kalibr+. Here’s a few words from Mohamed which sums his music up better than …

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Home&Office - Sports&Leisure

Immerse yourself in Corporate Electronica with Home&Office’s Service and Return

Service and Return is taken from the latest album from Home&Office, Sports&Leisure, a ’10-part examination of the individual’s journey to and beyond personal success, viewed through the lens of sports, business, and leisure’. This album is an electronic blend of jazz, funk, disco, and 80s library music, with Service and Return being the top danceable track of …

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Dietevil - Pause

Dietevil releases Pause, a musical response to quarantine in NYC

Dietevil is an independent artist, electronic music producer, and engineer based in New York City. His production sways towards exploring foley and naturally designed sound effects. His debut EP, Timeout spawned from the knawing, ambient anxiety of quarantine, and the pandemic. Sonically, it takes a trip into his personal journey during early quarantine while exploring …

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D.P. Webster - Alpha B3ats

D.P. Webster releases eclectic experimental electronica – Alpha B3ats

David Webster has created an album of eclectic beats, ambient excursions and synth oddities. It’s a 9-track album called Alpha Beats, and is available from Spotify, Soundcloud, and all good streaming services. He’s originally from Hesperia, a town in Southern California, and now resident in Los Angeles. When he’s not making music, David is a …

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Crosswhen EP 2020

Crosswhen create a spatial audio experience with EP // 2020

Crosswhen is an independent experimental electronic music and audio//visual project based in London. They’ve just released an EP, called EP // 2020, an immersive listening experience, a spatial audio production encoded using binaural techniques to produce a warm, wonderful sonic experience. The EP is a 5 track release best listened to on headphones to truly …

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