Ani Klang The Problem =

Ani Klang | The Problem =

Ani Klang is a California-raised, New York-honed, ex-Berliner DJ and music producer. She’s a pioneer in experimental club music, creating apocalyptic soundscapes packed with tension, mystery, and sudden bursts of chaos. Her latest release is ‘BURN THE EMPIRE’, a powerful statement piece seeking to disprove the pervasive belief that womxn and queer people are primarily working …

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Fybe:One - Sky Loops EP

Fybe:One – Too High

Fybe:One is taken from the new EP from South London-based producer, DJ, illustrator, and graphic designer Greg Haynes AKA Fybe:One. The track was created at the height of summer, combining organic and ‘real’ instrumentation, combined with experimental electronic production. I think what drew me to this tune was the guitar in the intro which reminded me …

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cCmndhr - sBtrfge

Glasgow electronic music label Bricolage release sBtrfge by cCmndhr

You may recall our previous features on Sarmism and Dark Fidelity Hi Fi, both released on the Glasgow underground electronic music label Bricolage. Well, they’ve gone and released another EP that is well worth checking out… cCmndhr is the new collaborative project between Glaswegian producers John McLaren and Fraser Rowan. Both men already have releases …

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Egopusher - Re-Entry

Re-Entry – Cinematic Electronica from Egopusher

Egopusher are drummer/producer Alessandro Giannelli and violinist Tobias Preisig. Their music is an amalgam of classic and advanced electronica and contemporary-neo-classical. It’s the type of music that begs for wide-screen movies to be shot to. We’ve featured them a couple of times before but we like their sound, so here’s another track… They’ve just released …

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