Brandon Terzakis flexes his jazz muscles with Emm

Brandon Terzakis - TWO
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Brandon Terzakis is a multi-instrumentalist, drummer and producer from New Haven, Conneticut. He’s recently released an EP called T.W.O. The first track from this album is a wonderful jazz-inspired track called Emm. It’s a blend of jazzy breaks with a solid bass groove, overlaid with intelligently composed brassy synth melodies, chords and solos underpinned with electric piano.

It sounds like a cross between DJ Shadow, David Axelrod, and some of Frank Zappa’s late 60’s orchestral grooves. Check it out below. It’s just a shame it’s over so quickly…

If you want to here more from Brandon, here’s NaNa, which almost verges on Vaporwave with it’s woozy groove, whilst still summoning up a funky, 1980’s inspired jazz groove…

For a self-produced first EP there’s some excellent grooves and production going on here. I can’t wait to here more…

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