bleed Air – synthesisers and ducks from tape label superpolar Taïps

bleed Air - superpolar Taïps
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superpolar Taïps are a DIY, not for profit tape label that you may remember from our previous post on Ball Geographie. There’s something about tape labels that enables experimentation, and allows indie musicians to thrive. This new release from bleed Air is no exception.

This is an album that is made using ‘mostly analogue electronic gear, often of the cheaper and not exactly hip kind’ to make an interesting, melodic, playful and experimental album of electronic music.

I TEL is a favourite. It’s like an easy listening, library music thing, with it’s laid-back retro drum machine grooves, and a simple melody that sounds just a little woozy…

Here’s Untrum, which features a playful blend of energetic drums with mellow synth brass tones…

One of the things that’s great about tapes is getting your hands on a product, just like back in the day! Here’s what you get when you support independent musicians buy buying their tapes

I’m looking forward to hearing more from superpolar Taïps and bleed Air. Please check out their Bandcamp and social media using the links below…


superpolar Taïps

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