Bastian Benjamin – Concrete

Bastian Benjamin - Concrete
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Basten Benjamin is a producer from Deventer in the Netherlands. He’s been producing since he was knee high to a grasshopper, and has just anounced this cracking new single release, Concrete.

Using bass lines and harsh electronic sounds, Bastian Benjamin provides his own social commentary on the world, encouraging listeners to refrain from becoming too, ‘Concrete’ in their opinions.

It’s kind of dubstep in nature, with a pulsing heartbeat-like kick drum and percussion that sometimes sounds like kitchen utensils, underpinning vocal sounds, and a rolling bass that flows around the track. Alongside a deeper male vocal sample, the light waves of feminine refrains elevate the tone and introduce an ethereal element. Designed to push boundaries and encourage the listener to push back in return, the single provides a mere hint of what to expect from his upcoming album.

It’s released via Passage records and is due for release 25th September. The new album is due on 4th December, called Two Truths”, one to look out for…

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