electronic music playlist #1

electronic music #001 [Soundcloud Playlist]

Here’s the first in a series of electronic music playlists, featuring a selection of new electronica, techno, breakbeat, ambient, and experimental electronic music. I hope you enjoy… electronica.org.uk · electronic music #1 Track list and links Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Static Cuts WaterSoundcloud | Review Peeps – RemnantsSoundcloud Tetra Hertz – Synth Bio SystemsSoundcloud …

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Home&Office - Sports&Leisure

Immerse yourself in Corporate Electronica with Home&Office’s Service and Return

Service and Return is taken from the latest album from Home&Office, Sports&Leisure, a ’10-part examination of the individual’s journey to and beyond personal success, viewed through the lens of sports, business, and leisure’. This album is an electronic blend of jazz, funk, disco, and 80s library music, with Service and Return being the top danceable track of …

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