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Ani Klang is a California-raised, New York-honed, ex-Berliner DJ and music producer. She’s a pioneer in experimental club music, creating apocalyptic soundscapes packed with tension, mystery, and sudden bursts of chaos. Her latest release is ‘BURN THE EMPIRE’, a powerful statement piece seeking to disprove the pervasive belief that womxn and queer people are primarily working and creating music to “empower others.”

It’s a great piece of music, the intro is dark, mysterious, and abstract. Its use of re-pitched vocal fragments gives it an old school vibe, reminding me of many hours spent with Akai samplers. It gets even darker, from a rhythmic perspective, when the banging kick drum comes into play, pounding its way through the track, in a footwork kind of way…

The Problem = has been remixed for this project by A. Fruit, whose taken this dark slice of electronica and given it a great drum & bass treatment. A. Fruit is a producer, audio engineer and video game composer from Moscow, well known for her drum & bass and heavy bass music tracks. She’s done a great job with The Problem = here…

Burn The Empire is released by Hyperboloid Records and is available now.

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