Love Will Overcome by Osmunda Music

Love Will Overcome – Osmunda Music

Love Will Overcome is the latest album release by Osmunda Music. Osmunda Music is the work of Rebecca Trujillo Vest, and is a wonderful collection of tracks following on from her debut ‘Munda‘. This collection of tracks is a beautifully mellow experience, reminiscent of chilled-out ambience from the 90’s summoning memories of artists such as Morcheeba …

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What is Electronica?

The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music uses the term electronica as one half of the world of electronic music. In their overarching introduction, there is electro-acoustic music, an academic world of electronic music, and then there is electronica, essentially popular electronic music. In the Cambridge Companion, the authors are keen to bridge the gap between …

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Suazo - Metaphysics EP

Metaphysics EP by Suazo

Here’s some mellow, downtempo grooves for you courtesy of Suazo, all the way from Austin, Texas. Suazo creates some lovely meditative sounds fusing organic and synthetic sounds relax and entertain. Suazo has travelled extensively throughout the world, from California to Moscow, absorbing influences along the way. He has obviously embraced different cultures, music and the …

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