Year: 2019

Love Will Overcome – Osmunda Music

Love Will Overcome is the latest album release by Osmunda Music. Osmunda Music is the work of Rebecca Trujillo Vest, and is a wonderful collection of tracks following on from her debut ‘Munda‘.

This collection of tracks is a beautifully mellow experience, reminiscent of chilled-out ambience from the 90’s summoning memories of artists such as Morcheeba and Stereolab. Layers of vocals in tracks such as All The Love even create an effect that sounds like a heavenly Beach Boys harmony. We Are Starlight has an almost 1980’s vibe with heavily reverbed drums and percussion and spacey guitar effects.

Rebecca Trujillo Vest is originally from New Mexico, and now based in Venice Beach. She’s a multi-skilled musician, artist, songwriter as well as a self-described force of nature!

You can listen to the whole album below using the embedded Soundcloud player. Alternatively it’s available on Spotify and Apple Music.

Track 7 from her latest album is called ‘Be The Change’, and has a Madonna vibe to it. You can check out the video here:

Gracenote, the third track from Love Will Overcome is a wonderful meditative track with a great video featuring a ballet performance on the beach which makes me want to leave rainy England and move to California…

If you want to follow Osmunda Music here’s where you can go…

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Metaphysics EP by Suazo

Here’s some mellow, downtempo grooves for you courtesy of Suazo, all the way from Austin, Texas. Suazo creates some lovely meditative sounds fusing organic and synthetic sounds relax and entertain.

Suazo has travelled extensively throughout the world, from California to Moscow, absorbing influences along the way. He has obviously embraced different cultures, music and the natural environment along the way to create a sound that is electronic, stylistically embracing house and minimal techno, yet also heavily influenced by instruments and styles from across the planet.

Here’s his Metaphysics EP, available to buy on Bandcamp, or to check out on Soundcloud right now…