AV16-4 – A Pure Data audio-visual experiment – Evaluation of experiment

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Sequencer Use

The iPad TouchOSC control could be developed with a Monome style interface to allow editing in real-time of the current sequence. The current incarnation of the AV16-4 does not currently feedback, allowing a two-way data connection to the TouchOSC interface, allowing real-time performance adjustments to the sequence. A feature that would allow data to be packed into a message to allow recall at a later stage is a further option to enhance from the current method of recalling preset sequences from a list.

TranslateXYZ – Joystick assigned to Z movement, as zoom control


The tester is left-handed. The configuration of GECO was for right hand, so the left hand had fine control of the joystick. GECO MIDI can link open and closed hand movements, but not left and right hand. These can be assigned as a duplicate setting, which would allow ambidextrous use. How much are other hardware interfaces designed for left/right hand use?

Repetitive Strain Injury?

Same goes for Leap Motion as would for MYO. Discuss?

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