We’re always on the lookout for new and exciting music to feature on our blog, so please send us your stuff. If we like it, we’ll feature it on the site and help promote via our SoundCloud and Facebook channels. All music submissions can be sent to

We receive lots of submissions. It is very difficult for us to respond to every individual submission in a timely fashion, but we do listen to every submission. Please be patient.

Physical music submissions are also welcome and are treated with more importance due to the added input required from you, the artist or promoter. Vinyl and cassette submissions are also given extra weight due to how expensive they can be to create.

If you’d like to send us a physical music submission to promote your music, please request the address via email.

We look forward to hearing your music!

Music Submission Guidelines

  • Subject of email should start with “Music Submission:” and include artist name and song or album title. This helps us to weed out spam from legitimate submissions.
  • Please include any official artwork for the project, artist photos etc.
  • Please include any relevant information about the artist (bio, hometown, etc.) that you would like included in the post.
  • Provide website links for further information on the artists (Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, Personal Page, etc.)
  • Include the album cover, tracklisting, release date, and any other information you would like to include.