You Scratch My Back…(Getting more Soundcloud Plays)

Getting heard amongst the millions of tracks on Spotify, Soundcloud or Bandcamp is increasingly difficult. Bedroom producers are always seeking ways to gain exposure in a crowded marketplace. Having a track on Soundcloud with 7 plays, and three of them by your Mum, doesn’t look too good, and doesn’t build confidence in your music making approach. So lots of people look to ‘fake it till you make it’. This post aims to help you get more followers, get more likes and get more plays on Soundcloud, Bandcamp & Spotify.

Luckily for an outlay of $0, you can increase your Soundcloud stats, boost your Spotify listeners, and hopefully translate this perceived success into $$$. That is assuming your music is good. Here’s a few ways to achieve a perception of success.

(Disclaimer: You probably won’t become super successful overnight (if at all) using these techniques and services, but your mates will think your more sucecessfull than you really are.)

Add Me Fast

Add Me Fast is a ‘Social Exchange Platform’. You can use it to get Soundcloud follows, likes & plays from real people. It doesn’t cost any money, and you use your credits to purchase your follows, likes and plays.

Add Me Fast give you a daily bonus for using the site. I would suggest setting up a new Twitter account for use with this site, and then follow, like and retweet for half an hour a day. 75 of these actions will generate a few hundred credits and qualify you for a 500 daily bonus. This will translate to around 100 Soundcloud plays. Get your Add Me Fast account here.

You Like Hits is a very similar service to Add Me Fast, and allows the same boost to your Soundcloud stats. You can get your account here.

Repost Exchange

Reposts are a great way to get your music heard. Reposting enables your track to appear in other users feed, potentially exposing your track to thousands more listeners. Repost Exchange enables you to trade reposts with other users. Again this is a free service, and is built upon using credits to get reposts.

You are given 40 credits to start off, and more can be earned through reposting tracks. You can then setup a campaign and a budget to encourage others to repost your music, gaining followers, listeners and comments along the way. You can repost 10 tracks a day, as well as requesting reposts from users directly.

The site is well designed and easy to use, with an iPhone and Android app available for mobile use. Signup for Repost Exchange here.

Atom Collector Records

Atom Collector is large in scope, and brings together support for Soundcloud, Spotify, Bandcamp, Reverb Nation, YouTube & Fanburst. It currently has almost 2000 members signed up, and growing.

Credits can be gained by listening to other users tracks for at least 30 seconds. These credits can then be spent on your own tracks, gaining listeners along the way. Users with active Spotify credits can then be considered for the Atom Collector Spotify playlists.

And Finally…

If you use Soundcloud please follow the account here. Reposts, retweets and Facebook posts can be requested using this link