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JJ.Christie and Ethereal Delusions – The Big Melt

Listening to The Big Melt takes me back to my childhood. Sounds of Miami Vice, Knightrider, John Carpenter soundtracks, Robocop fill the air…

JJ.Christie and Ethereal Delusions have created a wonderful collection of synthesiser focussed tunes, occasionally interspersed with vocal samples to add some narrative. Stuck in orbit is especially effective with it’s space theme and Georgio Moroder style synth patterns. Tostië is a track where The Big Belt brings you back into a contemporary vibe with its pulsating synths and four to the floor drum beat. Mumbahsynth takes you on a bouncing synthwave / Moombahton-inspired journey. Orion is an epic 8-minute track that take me back to sounds of 70’s TV sci-fi soundtracks, again with a contemporary sheen to keep things fresh.

The Big Melt is released by the Filtersweep Collective. You can stream and download it from Bandcamp:

Mod Exist – Caught in the Noise

Caught in the noise is a fantastic new EP from Mod Exist, a producer from North London. He’s previously released tapes under his own label, Box Fuss Recordings, and this is his first release from Uncle Bob’s Records.

The EP explores various corners of the Acid genre, taking influence from IDM and Techno, but also more recent genres of music such as Footwork and Nightcore. Inspired by a process of listening to all sounds, inner and outer, to natural sonic environments, auditory hallucinations, and other people’s sound work, Caught in the Noise is an expression of emotions and experiences over the past two years.

Caught in the Noise will be available on Spotify, Bandcamp and everywhere else on the Internet from next Friday (2nd February). If you want to listen to it earlier I suggest you go and check it out for free on Musicoin.

Here’s the first track, Count Our Time in Threes…

Neon Insect – Glitches

Neon Insect announces new record “Glitches”, the second album within a year after his previous release of the original soundtrack for “Abatron. For his newest record Neon Insect joined forces with several guest artists. The most prominent name amongst them is none other than dark electro pioneer Claus Larsen, aka Leaether Strip.

With “Glitches” the German artist dives deeper into the seas of electronic music, but also explores elements of the glitch and IDM genre, which results in an interesting mix of instrumental ambient tracks and powerful, vocal heavy club tracks.   

Glitches” will hit all known online stores starting on February, 16th.

For those who can’t wait, “Glitches” can be pre ordered on Neon Insect’s bandcamp.

Friends of the cassette will be happy to learn about the limited tape edition, which will be available on bandcamp as well.

Cottage Industries 7 By Neo Ouija

Limited to 150 copies (on CD) and released in October, Cottage Industries 7 is another fine compilation by Neo Ouija featuring more music by artists including Coppice Halifax, Tim Koch & Qeshi. Proceeds from sales of this compilations go to Touched – Music for Macmillan Cancer Support.

Papernut Cambridge – Mellotron Phase: Volume 1

Lovely sounding music, sometimes reminiscent of The Moody Blues at their finest, with a contemporary edge…

“This is an instrumental production music library album made for Ravenwood Music Ltd. With the exception of drums, bass guitar, percussion and the echo guitar on Riviera, all the instrument sounds on this record were made originally by a Mellotron or one of its contemporary tape/disc based playback instruments.
The sounds were picked from GForce’s M-Tron Pro tape libraries including those for the Chamberlin, Optigan, Orchestron, and the complete Streetly Tapes collection. Almost exclusively the basic, mono, unedited patches were used to preserve the tone and functionality of the original instruments. Parts have sometimes been layered or doubled to produce composite sounds. Tuning issues have sometimes been addressed, sometimes not.
Drums were recorded with two microphones – kick and overhead. Bass was overdubbed direct through Logic’s Amp Designer.
Mix effects and processing used: GSI Type 4 spring reverb, GSI Watkat, Waves Kramer Pie compressor and Waves Real ADT. Tape phasing effects were achieved by manually manipulating the varispeed on a duplicated mix running alongside the original.”